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The Round Clinic will be looking after you during the whole of summer.
Operating hours remain as normal.


The summer is here and whatever the age it's never too late to initiate taking care of your body and start helping yourself feel the best you can.
If you have been suffering from any ongoing pains or aches, this summer is a great opportunity to focus on improving your body, especially considering the ongoing effects of Covid life and/or work/school from home.

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Do you have lingering neck or back issues?

Get them 'fixed' before your holiday.

Our team of Manual Therapists will start with a detailed assessment followed by hands-on manual treatment - osteo. After only a few sessions your body mechanics will be more aligned and mobile.



After being infected with Covid-19, many recovering patients come to find that their bodies feel weakened. Some people may feel constantly tired, while others may have shortness of breath, or have headaches.

Novena, our in-house TCM Dr., explains why.

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Osteopathy is an ideal therapy for babies. It is safe to use even in the first weeks of life, and also very beneficial at this time, as a newly born infant readily integrates the benefits of a treatment.

Our Osteopaths will most likely to be able to help with colic pain, torticollis, head asymmetry, reflux, latching issues and much more.


我們團隊的最新成員 Sports Osteopath Theo 致力於解決腰痛問題,這是香港許多人長時間坐在辦公桌前的普遍問題。 


“我和我的家人已經諮詢了來自Round Clinic的幾名從業者(骨病,順勢療法和針灸),並對他們的方法感到非常滿意。非常積極的結果。我建議'。



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